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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 5, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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t0gers. >> on ol ok likeers.e d te r somhing wh's ul?k isdtis woe's bmangk tba? wh u >>h, mg od, h iam ofwhe centy. b >>he game >>t mg cd,etry nt rlly>> ge gst orc crimnr lyti d? >>suoris nubr nrem i >>inurn welce tored e." lctod " les go to dy ly f a pre me rleepor g >> t f pr thas,or gg. >> congp, a o t the g lg.est hean ccon ne as etory o t aegesedt sual arassmthe cnes ery elli ke d nuer sua 9las and has amerili becom a lu 9 civi pce anick has arounrid forom t l answer, vi jes. k d fi aallyunfor mantt aan mwean es hisjeedng p hotofigraplyhe man tt moverhat says esis weng pto lapsy picteres at ayisse ente syit uil y hea r ect a is seshocng dails nt thats gog in u yea tea se oc d ls ha o fatgoin fe. egea >> t nk y, anha. ofe. hap egatew
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t yan mcnaey's thda h >>t i amangay. mc na >>'shat youda pla net>>ng i ng hiay >ha i at nou s pe, greetng wh do hiu g tan who a n s e,s it all wh ho probay ganho you it asomeing causthat s th p ki of y he g is. >> he so meg usat th and wldkif - thehat' h so true and wou tel you d t to tha casoim ue d ou melr. mu cctoaghe ca he wouldellouith m m litt lau and twile i he ou hil >> emttembeauthatndummewi ilen hie hpton. beatme i hon thathate said. oh,man remr att? sd. everyo h,lsane insid inrhe n mt?ade bed s, lyoinglsidhe mad thsevesedn tgireevisio scpihoneand utth thesre wnitheisio napiturened neveseenimhe waper >>nand trehe h e avveeen mou tero >> t mowith atanatee mie. he moth n ed himataneweeie he ned mcnae. >> tns sded mcna>> t sdpees. when aensake cta wi e th he hne isithak e matthe wi wouth make the feelit ttwelcheome. ouak t f lc >>e. et'selcome ourues. >> 'selco
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o >> shes. so t burng al s tryheo so wal aosser b im ere witry brooe w ldstern, t fou nder fim meth wg caed t bhee ildr 's rste i th cawe d t'tnow whathat s. dr r i nsandtu t.heirecr o t he d'twhaataw d fairec o p tct anhe i sawo hafa hect esan i th shall hower dooles. thllowol bi schz i off tig clningis bca iff llinin f h is he wng mef bca in f hs me cmi john dor anhe enjmioyohhe doros annjhe r new york etoal wr. ne noinodor.kal w noweirind coincodidence wn bl is t. les go o thir fst s cnctoryce bis n't a nswer. lespitgothe thanda fhe i sry stil tt awe man -tleit.e da i il therm cain f mntanunlene.r in t rm c gace withun thene t late wasngto ns plac wit shhing hem irteal tasiedto p wi m tshg nemy oiral td wi mne tt-momy as likto cl
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him. d se n ou-mofomas 1ik0lhe pom.rt allegat seionsouo no 1 0 matt whe picheking rtcandate.llat nsno meanme o frid ttheicng nde. he actua lan oid y.he aual ey ausedain ofer ey aed oer atat que, ty s qu t no s vue at. thsupe pusrselsed at th-pe elreleseasedn ad. it ikind long,ut wth leed a . ike and book. lg,th >> ty cat arg ue a bk.ith herm tcarg cain.h eyrm can'tue wh herman cn. ca on pol icy. an't wh doue whean can olic they who do? >> now were gtihengy the d high-th ynch g of a re g betitifungman,hermain. gh>>-tha ichof k awns t befun,rm man.stre ia k goes fo tr mareiaoefor liest, rial sreo esypes they can t attac skre aolayp co ereytivean a ac>> tky pu himlaow derve
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t tt'pus wimha tyo.ow they can tal aut tt' the w o.ise, thanal aut sheo tdo s tha >> i t t theee t get off the t symboli c>>ck t pheipe.eeet >> i w o ldf assumhee h symslic either pe. isoallyo i aanum oelasng eher mes get ves. lyan o s et i vtes.ser hd tom on siebtodho h s to died seb s died intellen. thiis aatiol disgce. itins llaen high-tech. lhi ainiog for sg. its hh-chin f ittyla who inway think oty thelamselshat ho is y a ssag that ink telst s a agha unltess yourenl tooun old oer you wl be nche to oesoyeredoul nchees oy ricared therhan ng om aree. ihink t hat was ancattd ern on jn. hi t buasshodnttain be g ng aftonerer jn. theeft orbu soomeone else? gngft re d eye hast seonencove?ered exclely e s ourc ofre alleyas of t leadncovlledatns cly srcfll teallatns
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ais pollumrs wer si a.ollumrs w broo, weome to t. progm. yo lookooeligwefule alway ts. og yookigl a ay is m c beig targete unfalynd if m so c why? b jill t tgehinkhe fa clypa -- io hy? >> t nk ll t thehi cpari t cpa -- clen t mas i tmmatnkure. ere isn clen osbvious iate. es oio distctio therwerebi dumen tha wereeake diere were opio es tifyerinre denha reke under oat aeboer eveas tfy deil .de oat abo e ve whent com esdeoain weave. a entom cin wavume ait iplely immate.i if thi i is test tplheelymm can do a ttkifnghihe tes ty credicanilit i anot arrittki ng atll. >> i kno youav e seriousdiit a t ri ises witath .he cai whi inoou av yohaveeriscuused hean yis it tis. ai hibut he sca alyove dcue'teeanm to bti dag himt . s earl the't isee s ethi
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ng bag indeimstru.ctib abohis m rlhes he ss ihintense deruibbosikle. >>he hes. ien the iso qstion abo le at. th>>thinethats.eall onthsis qio meboutbo this . i't heth iinatll llmeatutions that ihise no'the asono thk t t, b ifllat nsha yoare innie f psident on of tth unid st tes ot, bf yo ame ica nid yohave cou pesint of t sniuast o hassmentama yoveou of has en tcomplain, ow aou n reyor tt esk ed mpin a ouand nhy d youxpecret iyt t skcomeed fro an pp itd io d reecear i? meere fght ve appit o sett mentrear?. e t a ttthatntust insan if y arepping for aat jt ns you youldppin frno tha tyouchesous ha ruinucforreside. >> iisage and i will goo ruinr de u robe iecauag youe a iill tho wit youdshich anbes yoagreau wouhim. th it ouhe is e thichng. yo re don't timhinke eec d tos thi this f nor 't tnke eecoide rehior legitimateolalere egime olorgaalnizaon bausee i not thatind guy gaza bse i n atd uy don' this reflect t fac he inot politicia n hi rle t acdot g o o ut o iftis p wit?ian po ticids he th gr o o ownf ?
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prive invtito betpoci hth o thse es. iv didtnvo thaet he s ot se. pit icidn.o ta he >> greg, tn.he f tt you >> g weg,ren't eting h t toou th far sws y ourwen' eng t lfth-big fry ofow sws yr exatio ig oow exio >> ts isot hh-ch nching. totch ng elance tmashi was e not laa ncgh-thyninhi w wasn i will litim ate a -t atck finm theeft asinillitime at fthn arce ar thomas. ur t tables. tma an s t heabs.layed t re thwayib alsanave b heenyed eplayg itnd pying i thy bere.ale b n ev g iven taytit w pngt i going be. wit gent ioi cain its not unfair.ains n kevin s ud,ai a nybo kdyin w is inngboutunni for a bo present runng f any ficeho hasut thinisor inis
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est baungrou fnyho ce h behisrepadis bar itouho and e fat t bhat he wasren'tpad it d fat tt wt i inays a lot aut orgnition sllsnd hays ot gponiticalon s jsgmentndt is po l meinthat evendrybos repuans, i epdentatvery wheverhoul b e a pusings, if tdey arntthiing aut wh er ulvoti forim >> h is p re treard.hi aut i tiorenng hhe prered. ngllatns. ther oneatns. er oonntgg adu. it is all spe acuti.. >>irstf all i - airst s. of >>st al hellst of ale saye wants tass o s l wein wgtsitas job. and hen says,el wob d he say it wn'tick pry behin wic pry . bin heashohtrered f he thishoht ey gaveim le th10isays ge vancedimotic ltheye ereays
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mingut f this. va >>ede fogotic yeyer were f t >>fot y w >>e theibal i working. >>heal rkg. he didn' bome a supre cot j ti. id sup co j. >>et me you thi is thishe wrong om>>ri to y t clarence thos? is w the was tnteresting ar ce hocolu whe he omd wha tth wa is gng ont tesong ai lu whehe esomseha jack g o w t jesseacon wh es nninfor resi nt t reck w j re aot orumons w s wirlinginr si t aroundnd t y a t onum osut to s wiin begru ou nd tnobo wenyaftehim ncaus o to he as aeftbe wgruck boen te m canduside. he atg soa see heas tatd nd id diertly. isn' that betrse he t coarison ery. n'atet coon >>hecainamign s uggested that thiai cnouamigav sgeeeedn at t inde joboo av isould he been aer indeoboo ca aign ld hi th binknt waseralidating. ca obvignsly p plethnknse tasal atg. reblic par andutsi viy thehe isns a tyereicarndsi th isye welplay.
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>>e is ormi ble poeltiayl >>orisce. eoresmitbl compariso goies bkomso tohe pointust bade, k it ahonyoi wier.t b itads no the s ndalitit is a ny w w i handl gt.itnohe its thit m idledesge awnd an gthe re he t alksitthedesgehe a m ore-e h t but t sam te t me- ener ut t se, is s er dieren therwereictus., i s>> b heameut nddi jten er retu kept ki be.amet ke t polls areig up --olre i goin u youan'tave guyp s i notinolitia ou 'tu are runnuygor otprest anyoureia arnn lician esthat preanyu m by anlitian. ati doret remberhat e b seco t hing w.ti. doreer t >> i w w de ngco tng w.t tt s abt. i >> itillav wede a - t >>eomin gab toea illav a >>oming the secdhingas t cial t alleg satnd isng non tsense. is b m alt r aneegynonavns se m allegtio rneyade.av ttll rnewoe. b ccied if s nettaid hene swollyed rass hif.aid
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ty areomg aer himss. h at'shy tre are ulplre g 'shy tre re >>epl is n ot g etnghe peferentire me teha i he not g wod ha gothen by the efptertire me tng hiae bau se hwoha isot by he blactk. >>hat' my pnt bau se >> tt's se bia blk. >>t' p t>>s biaaid it bettha cod s ai sse ibe co sackson g ote preferental eatmt th caiacnons no g re rettinl i re ly ttmnk ttht.ais >>he t nginave to kee pre t t minher - he >> a whado youav tnoowee aut is ainway?r ahaoouw aut >> b au asey? i am o bau am o ac. >>et'sot go tre. >>'so tre. there was wle lothat jeacks h erwa - w wleotoing jeks h ait h in tms ofng tackfromth - i mean,ai h in re tmber t o whof ckom - mn, -remb tho t oblethat cain a-ctuay t cess heleat c ay snlys campaige raerioly beforeas f cpae e sen atran gioeolyrgia b.ore theres not otenn poli gtil baiagrou. the goot
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litibaou g after oragge to g afr. if t re ite gr oing tro be a t aflitil att k i t twi i b gng b a fr whehe w working i ti att bu inesswi d frhe wor tnghat' is t w tbuss is d pled. t t' s sayhat sse j tacon gs pass ackpl in. ayt 98e4 a g ssac i 1988 a >> he io men, but 18 jess e on g hot aiot m of ut sses ss e gotassein terms g o af o geing mon. es he asicotlyse- tms h career i sgon aas he ic >> t-l me coweerap st eacher w ho t a mhuh andow no jst is a erhohu a m minoionaire. i a >>e isot a cdi mi thioatir. >> isbut ain is cdire thr the is nt a irgent etr hreas hes cre adible reatr s mebo who csn'treblnoe at boho'tho conservaves are.ho nsvasre. anrgument ca be made tre are c servates ginrggenimt m t ress othis tha t aare w chiseat g gconsvati wldot be oi hat gin a ss w on. ns >>tiood wointot. be he esn'knogia hat o neo >> d oinsernttive. are e n'o n he werouldve notre l tt pass >> doesn mte wld n
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th is me. pas the mob r>>e.oe e pe leiketh hs .. theeforobhe iareble pe threeat. h th's t th borotto iminreble >> e ar a utth t b wtotm nsertive>>who arre a ut fendg hiin a wthey er wod noveo ecesrily - -ndhi a >> abodyyho tnk s hewono aecesri -- cr ib a thrdyeat iouldike h maka be with. cr>> wthr aboutilde akbeit wtbonvp tkets >> where wase bn? p >> w tdoket kno he fro w raisinge cn?aio >> wdoctt k insroe.aing co saville tees.nheecne? acrdin toav aleee svehe pecneple.? acin wg suey answer. pe. backn may res rcwrs asued awe th arica tocklacenay r numb on aated they ceeth a tocae thomosce unciv mb n stitionhey sety. toths uiv potil citamignsn wer coider theost i'm pole l catam0%nser follo bcoerheos pt'mulree 75% f. media ul 7re a 7he di ma usic inst tied. is a 71. mic inou havreadhatlo r.s a 7 ouavadt lo f scifi instituons thin the miaox news sci ns came int 1%in. t mia n ca n tth wasol1%lody mbc
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37 a as c alot 3bc 37 a a,e wingain ande t saigad tt it has an negationquces sr amera, a i ias p ercegaivedonqu s toe ha i er a ari's future p ceand edrti t ercepttoiohan onri 's fe woreld s ge .d ti likeerept car o u haor us causwerge auketil. cr spkingf be ghas usr auti spngbegnivilnil -- -- >> thawasy csi car i wi mishim >>haas csi arn't ei n obodwiyis cmed t abeit n iodyilityed whenush was hier abt i ily jo whntewaus was erev w dejohnwa when tre w a predent compar to en naz w >>he t p parntes h aaralo inhe c>>it d th it as a aasalst in cit. tht aasst votionnd tn yave ese opleayin yes evoon t n shld kavillhe
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rice pleplein es d eaethemnd p tm nsh k he pris andiceizeehe eaopemerty pnd hem marxist isndze re luon.ty h ar alstof tse idealts rei tlunkin. aal t oveser ilownts tuin lktow a theyverer lo nninin t 18t k cetury dow 1 thy century .in t8t you ook athece ny ewspapsh a ctu cuouldk atev nliap a par li tha >> t y di't held papsli ck tn. pa liha th wro it n t wdioo h ps >> wan t tn. kw throt wheer i >> anwas fore k afterhe oerneir man s re s thfte. -- oner o rmth w there. rm whe re . dyo tnk fox n i civi f yoknowwheryou e rig w, b the ciy?vi do wyoeower ru krighig bause b noe dy wch nbc o dr wek ch bse no w inermsbc o ofr bng cncil is s def initnymspshef bngil sefpshe rangs. >> tre a so ny tes i almo wald of t sraets. t ao t i moalof t s >> areou serious? >> it aineine w al akou s io ery y. >>t ain wk y intaingy j ay ot as aue intag j espeally witotthe ory tha
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a abo to me o by th y.pelyite yha boo o bth y. thisshy iovurys is tallis usseless. iov isys the dinion os ll ule. bjecve. it d is't dheinein whaiot being ec . un civi i d din ha ttheyeire ain doou think un vi othe we r e to youey isou tnkot use les .hee rtoou s usees. >> 9 those cim t >> it wil tse heegive co tnsuenc for meriilca'she reti onco shounc we orre aut tt? me ri>>'sreg, you reon oue a t reg, ygnt. a youoing tgn bt t jo intthe t.oun a you? aouoi >> justt mht. jo nte >>un thi a we ve. y? i ust>>us mhtight >>hie . iusht no, we suldn bau fferenpas ofhe , sdnau erenpaofor ev theestate uorome as. ev he e frchesateatse f atev rson. ev tfrhougheheyres fome evthe st un.ivil. evugy but e wou ally -e - uil i might a ctua llt yougry to a -- certa e xtenghtha at tuareoeys o se to be lit rtaent treoes itbeit mor
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incivili socie a i m thinit i s inli s a i aos t in i thaeo have srt to t aakost t teo veo t onymou t iivily tat ey erci oli nd sourt iil t t brinngt ntcio thelindrt in qngtent o alor t. >>o yobuy that? qte >> i s p.blatic >>yoy tt?>>s pblat >> iha nhing tdoith fo >> t s co is uphah a nhi lotit focivi li is t ccoingup a l from the we beuse u cvi sliays w chagt rou wam. t is hawe dbeive erti c st?ay wha t >>tight wa bem isplifyi it.tit? andom>>ettnghts goi b oen.m if wt. raisedn he dom set ioi o was r se w that r yse dd'the diuss -- wa youere risedithat d't dius-- oue edit wolves >> wasaisenot disss lves >> reasliseont or dis pics. e rson u't d o itre inonr the uths.ast as t he rn 't d i teasintay to n e etht shoast. t >>si ion'tayno twhatots.etho >> i'tnoat op can't n tkbo the tw thi ngs. th areve'trhangkndbohey tw nt this. threngnde shout lou t igr i agreeigr. sut l thr tes you
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grnd. hresou. s ietynd dew the sie d t uncil, a the media ds rard hat. un aheed you suts ld sayrd tt.he st idngs you wl gou l d at sntn. t theer fectst elesor wg that s that hntsewive heerctor atthsewi sies at's focusedneopl s ie srowi winenther 's oced op's fple. >> a thewi wners no more soci f aheo saortiso. th used to belllaes sa and w were thsetolllaes med u d we med u >> hav i toove on. iave to >>veavn.ov o ow c av t nprofit or ga >nizaons ed t p cayof nof overseas g blgorebts?zas t pof ooerke gasoldsingeb?evls all her gds lestook "ionev ls a rely ce bout er lestookonldn."re c rsthat do youo if t ldweddn.g photograp rs sew do? y ou i trfk tion t y dd p ngrer s sc re p.tron y th tease naser pd fo bysc there associatn of w eddingth tse otogd rafoers b aheca. soatof wdi ogras .
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> he i usialricks to g new pks .he i u i sakri ofcks aew y man g wew suing h sakf weddiewng yan w ph raph ss beuiuse say thpic wres dire crap a ndph ph thbeeye maysed t thics aset dcera ap ad thd t uqas toss. ielveouqet is a n ts. i austan mqeidtt. a but doe'tant j usst t isoe ant 10 j bac he wtsis $,000 to10 rcre be th e w wdi. $00ree an d hthll have. the picres did r esho b hy havehes a d diiderent r photo bgryher. you ink ha see a e xtremedi?t bur.may i i su rk omtiee righ e1234r*ha if i to ybuy i s re wein gh t34o* pla i into 20 we, an ttt rely mht tla hard to rre 20anre m s cear the rre misreow dord a t his owd a is -wifhasoved out. iet you -wifeesled stupid f ietou thkingtuwaseal f now.
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t noa stud thngsl aows. no shed supre cot juice w a lhe it pprcecoedju aend w q "thay wte" p icen a t decision " sayi" th i t wase"e w iren t ec ioitnppears t cayittthered as w rectur lt b ehinppatrshe tt weering reorim rtt ur l th thehe real weg rthi th he ne onea tlhe jti's docke thetate nesus o tti'socore ete wsho won' fetcheor the w bnket n' fchor t bnk >> video edees damnin ideo e>> tss romanti dain ts ran nee to bea i a hollood mtic eeom ty.o a i >>eall >> nholld c>> ihinkomou ay. lng. >> ll >>roe yo are n ink l aawrish. w cod troheyo jude geethi lsuaw grio. fward? co >>t don knoudhi i lo jsuudial frd >>onnoreativy, lo but woulhaveia to shis reguat would hav ad
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at ulveec t hi case f ou had tec state o seff litatis t hadotuntaut fthey have t o sli wtihin sixad ut yes a h aseyav beee to whi w shaix nineyeea a hee w neea >> tre is setng obvislwronwithim t s>> y. setng th ereviomsleonth y -- theomhe is absoly sometng -rong wi him is soat y somaiutng wi im judg-- i thereasve r y s rfect seorhe eejud fdg i tre rf t rt rorefheorm andhese f stupi casetti r towmnndse s o this is o ocafs thetim. tow he otehis to is ohe -ay heustte o was toue ttogrhus -- wa toth phogrgrhe fin tre is mhobe aase the narro meanin tre t fo trying o met ae he n4000 an fo ry g $et50,000 to r4000ree e weddg, w $,0otire r diwetaddrttnd tak thee cturdihota shopt and t thehey ca n t heurholookhorepat. t u cadony ingcaitn thel kre coatuters. ca >>outheg w wit't ha co stors. th>>abouhetre wd wye h"ir or>> tnk t hethoure pdhogrherir has nk the faile p t ake
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mpsortant fmentlike tmptaoa. me liknt tke wan lng him t the mentoahe.y got mried ikan lngim e nt keyn,ot this guyed haseen unoyedince 28.ken,s uyas cod teet heethi t do wunh it?edce 28. >>coouldt he.ehi t w i $48,000 he >>ld go andet ms $el,0 a he cpleew b ades. and t hat'elshe btew b thg s. d d hat'st thth sryak b my adnhe tth s b b m iym ad nnot ing becse iis glas i m odod t hag tec ias he as thng?hat hehoulbe hse wppedn publ. ? heul h w piedetverille bl -pi prle o fil the lawsushould - p ce corral oil pishenlsu ho d t ce rorlloel cit thjudg r aling t t goit forwd. that ddgall the lawhoin t g o that w grwreup dl he havawe ihon co onat froave i "a. l" f "a. tli mcbe" a t ty alwayliave a be t lw ird hob a or he dss teis s hhoobrt os here teis t shoser
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re, bulw bri triia and bu lw so b s. shdid is tori gia andention it ithe. judge a t t'sshd o ay sentiuo te ieheud b aarbarat' sta an suo try stand b sbaongs st an beusshes t snd sgs he sbetous.e >> iill see yourhe t sory. an d i rlaise s youourhey. tor y if i ere aanonrv rivsee might ss ie grvuyive is gh s assi g entitled umpyed so si eitd ofye souy. e feels entitled oo srch backnd. ee eitdo get ck t guit. >>e wil l t it a tt. ui >>o yohave om>>nt on w ithe ow? t e- il us.>>yoveom nt ond toeave a v oie ce?ma e- u tove voi 2-465050 stilto ce, t hal time portrom2-46 t50 il c talnd tyeev rtm tev t cutes dero. t jo citut iespo dor byigo. joteit walkers. by the practicige o wal kinglo wke a ot t araic great heighalt,lo a aually ro gat of h agh audien. uathany ksig oro
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maocn cain. s>>ha it n iasis hsimang cn.ill. >>ody b nuy ig thaasisil >>y b uy>> t speaking ohean cn, n iust s i >> waspeing he anbudog c fn,orceoress i atas g icceoro wou bess lki storieseft and rig t? oue whats wrong wit porplsefndig? at witpl eg yeetoxcusing th c amign'eestoxc hinrig th sp cse bam sayg hen's didn' ri pecto ge this arnd bayhe not polidician. whctshogeulhis otolia otewhorho hor pridt? if hedidorn' h expect to g prisidar and he is n hdxp t prararnd, he h wileot ne preped f haprarhe il it a risk.e >> hat'the depl? f >> iis aisk. t is op took>> at' risek dnl? esid i aobamk.whoad f opooaiskn idam o monthsnice asenat. theyook tha tnt th ris.k her is do yey tkhat extme lyuccethfulis hs bu tnessn wh xtmelycel bunesswhen gabbing -- eenagin gandbi kd of ir? e in dt t khey ore ir? a lde t he youyake risnde oueis somom
3:32 am
cka ls. >>f i m qa uo ls. >>fi m q a modn day mn d ofit --roph >> iis aisk. >> n'thaitwh e tng-- inph 2008 i ak. hat obamahawh tnn 08 tigha ba dowan you vot fnim? t ig >> its not ad badowou rotk, butim you an t i tsake aot r ak,ad that b theutef itio ofouan t aek, at heskef io youfre t defitioof a a ri. >> on't knoit, fri enou tefio a am ameca 'sad boyri >>'tno, ri a >>'sou r beall a. >>oull a. >> y saiain isenying y ai eai ienng a egeations. >> t aeg tiooi i ts w no preredor t stuffs w re drfe. t >>tu wasffupposeto ben at se ofhe screen. >>asupse ben sofee andet you not. leito. i w'touett go.ot. i ale reay wet g ais sy d right rht
3:33 am
>> thathy y sewed two ck s.>>ha >> he y w sedwopa >>epa -iidt ev heatha we re dngi s wl.teveaha e d w >>ha dideust say? >> de sd he s looks>> fantaic. dk th que hione again lks f thuen a in >> h was ppadndad his atemt. h he jast di't rlidnd howad h ng t med wou aron em it jdisp recially wow t re t iedou ar onno edencthat a th inspia pped. t re >> hwasnt re re ednc forhatthin all pp. th stor hcamesnutnreunredor nighll he h a cpaig advir athndormen un tato gh h cigvi a g aldota. e n day cai g cedo. a e n d c wc whaet tyaidor whatyor >>t unfortunate a e is a m t hat l>>tsis lessonsnfna fr priis mistakes. mtis lsons frri mtas. thas why theres thr le tionha s w>> hhyefuleahyre wsill lhrrn th es sole a hone l h betultehy w l organi hisamthiges movin let forwd. orniis mov rob y airw a argument n beade at sobe ai
3:34 am
rgconsenvatis argivi cbene a ass b au theyns atiarvi black.n i doa 't tnk tt'sru be.auhey bck do t ts i dohi ty areoing be us dhe io conseate.reng beus ion >>hi if other so- ll>> coervaves d s oder some of e me socome ovathes d slitie l statemes a mfosorg o aboe he ti s steuals a hara ssme tuffrgbo i don't sinua tlhey wod be ra gmeivgff a ion pa - ty theyworebe givingim gg moref a ss pa -ey onivboion rethana they g o onboioitnt om anhe g o flip-flopi on iittom ippin thre givgasn eoth g consgervaveas en a anonservativeo nsva d a't yonse tatnk consvatis inener are re't y fging ?nstiinerre ging are you ag me tha yes reou a me t es >> bau w? >> t>>he kauno mans fal>>bl t >> k think m wse just solve t fs >> pr tobnkle us>> lties d ge sleme serics ba boy gre prob le
3:35 am
gu ls tfged. me >> havicbaoy g gutf >>avay i d't untand so myeopl wayere stanuntly disndomiss me ofhepl w xu haras entanylaiss.ssof they may wl b eot t i la nots.aying the a neyl b buottnghey.ay not bi ototngin. t i n't inkou cyan nng i t k ou c caanlier dissshe the isuch hi caer acisalexheual hras enthish hi acuaas >> it was methg mo le inappropate havi in e i wa s thmo lrkple. wh it mes wha theapop che ges vien tplhe egwht js gohane ch s mas aifferee. teg maaifre ene persoane le, i ke our d reessne p tsood. e l e,maybcan was tinto b e dress t ce . yb anwhoas kws thaint htope bned?e this i s al hr o h speay.d? >> d idisn' ine w h sray he s. vite her d tido hel w saye room dter to ifhe didn' go angoom s d ifid go uld lo h j? >>e hrdhat w dlo>>hha w d mic -- dominicraan. -- dic straussan
3:36 am
themay well ot b seau te, he aytel wdot ow tt.ot b te, t t >>t. thinkoure right. the f>>hi tha trere aight. milath allegatns t suld a ve eryboome p sela that ee pse other thss i f aotth ofss crvives they thi the sexuaoflarrvasivsmenestheasyhi beme a l eame s andua alayaras ent to a wam -e- anday twin theto lotter i -ink aat'shywiheot tter i k 'sot th willing t give caneth passn wng the issecan oef th pn tss o th probls. >>heresoueiothey arrig aboro tha >>reoueioey arigboha boke, y s cain i't ok ttg theainre ferentiathl eatmt, a y agreered, breutial tm a y th's shod be aee b wit uld le. thhobe >>nd wle it rt. e. >>ndle i >> we c.ld sll say
3:37 am
we coparon. sllay ar. aoluty. greg, i belie you s y y. n't ow wreain w eg, ie ou bo? y >> y. t w he ns a wegly bor in bo? me ys,enness , bue i ha a b not en tn bir mertifice.en ss bu i whal se sompeo t t ir wn tre. ic ey wl doait wseomeo ve ig tin.g. gooidea wdoit mbeg.o a tooonerea withs. -- a ter w psner wit us a l u.s -- ow. p ne w i c uan't be bred in t o co i cn.'t i wl cl it i in.n tco i w c i in. coincidi wh reality ow. in brodiokou roli o . inci lity onro this s w? ion't knociwhattyou snaidhis abt me was wonde'tringnoat i sf whe y uabme sp e of as wdeng iivit wy spne thi showreivit youalng aut tnhe owyoh yev aeutasil tling fo me? oh thateasasilrobablhe fo m rude behior h eve rha roen fblm aue. de ehr >>s. hve r >>- f a q. juswantueo sa.for e >>s. rerd tt brke i s>-he peq.ecusntsar reon trvbriv ie csom tale pe of brainrv aiv c b tuty.e
3:38 am
b a but t is ipproite isi >> kin fox ns r ating>>or kin f s higr num rbeingor h gr is eitr whe n ct g t is far whe people ct tch ffo new h t popl dewi the r h foew >>ou a t prooemrobly th >> a ro if wareeng uncivil ri broo was pl wnieengut be ug onivhis de over th at oo as si. beons vetotheople a tsi he are on pl a thsame shide e the seere thamee he see i wl netou wletoueoe. e. >> andy, do y hav a >> ay, tran hav aator >> n >> i thi t nkg fanor h gi n ou and w ihiing ae sheg. ound g a-- miehe.. u we raisedoto iss toll picweksec rsesed io isesest yot t oollicse
3:39 am
t ethotot to th'sll wand t say.etho ddin lsuit bokth'sou w an tsaidayhi. gight h avin lsu aou goid g casig h of bre a o gocontashe sta t bwt o limb ntimitatiohe s before t rli imat ou e wedngeforase itn 2 r003 and ou eedng w asn w i 23nd w >> in w00er i w --eron what i onsoon w i >> twas a4000 cim to recr ea a ts w cedimding? i an, me a >>hat'why am n a wng i , n. nhat n>>t' jy ti n a methg. atn >> god knows howth mhim gno h h imrdashi wil looking for. hiiloong r. >> h cat weding thas a ooda. c at ey suld w sng where haa d a.they recate he sd she last 7 ey d rhe l of he. i can't gno h.of e. i tnk i s can meh. portannk i toseotehat
3:40 am
o ran to lay haui k r y kardhianf sheoethugh with herdan dorce. s >> hfeelsthug cat thhe dor. hel a lotfeople. y kno wlse fls lot cheapld? y k who e f>> alsri ea>> amark aod b , hoi am a ark b, am th mtheed of all. got g thheed ofll. g congp, sin gezs > co p,deadsir of all oheez mors aut her ad birfr oie and rs ave austi oer of bfr yr ic gas. eusti o or ga fit,hat apns w the world o ily pfit, at taphe whe wod fwk ward dhotoy p a wo wkrd coidho we wiscu encoid wcu kiger'new boo kir'w bo
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3:42 am
3:43 am
imes what, guess wt ->>-ime w gut,s w ghat,ss guet whaters - an did angu w intt,eruevi w andte an wiidlayt now.nter younow ndat i fun?
3:44 am
bod gaesyow . bualso awk ourdw iunam?ilyet boga phot bu asondwk thereasn' bamilet booked icatoted to ahehen' subjecuntinow .ook ed atthe o toheehin d t heecwetisow e kward filehyinhoto tss bwek. ard filytoss arelad hav back o of o a aho. hack befo we how pic resrom the ok wch i a.mazi foe w picsme e wre i aki at it taynd ei alst w n't r eadyorhe a it ndshow al hodid we sen' ser rdy che t?ow >> i stard wiho myd c iarwi y er. hung anward h cationhoton t anouwa and sawer doing ca thatonto a tndou itas m id piawraon. dnghat a we witt m lunchraon.nd we lch talkingnd abt tmnd h si i he t ng a n ofhose t >>nd h h dou h gethe pa hotoofsho eo>>plemit g them? p tos >>heyub theoeoehe a wkward>>heub he famio photo .m awa owkrd mi p to milyetm fs .com. >>ow manlyubsionsids .you m.t >> msnsid for the u et? >> sething like0, f0. t
3:45 am
>>re theet?y lerom hr sngike op0.? >>he lrohr >> we dotno bausehey coulsendev eral >>e tse e-mulaindeval addrses. >> are the-mreei placesou ha got dr ss.ub mi ssio a t fm?ei pce s >> haot we sio g fhem?m f e verywh er arnd t weor ghe f eewh ar tot somerom china rr bziotl. srohi r a a o b tzi bzian pe o h tairles >> tzit's an good que hrl t s oo > that'uen.ot aood qstn. >>on'tncourage im>haot aoo >>'tougeim >> i wtoho some of the pictes a t he i i w wlosk ahoomof quetion. ct hav asomef t ourl fskavit. e. avmef o >> t fnk thi i. t favote. >> thi t vo. >>hissrobl our farite picture >>hisrobl o fate pre it is lledetoir. is edetr. there a se mystery tt shld bns olerved. aeys >> somteys rish bnshod. e
3:46 am
om e wh prieopl inai e h ppln amazi >>et'seeheext o ma alough hat>>o's cngehe ex tht. alghat ce th >> when u s t c's expressibut y ou w cn ans c im'sin prsit c imining t cat to t ma tit on giant binny t c t o andow akmaut the cat o ia sy wou und erst d tdow ak utt's t ces a bugng out.syoundstt s augut. ther is no ama tha likes to b touer me thaon aa t skk. l bou m t haesehire n allsk with thr pe sku wch e auahillrey ait h i dn't a lize cpel b wch dome . dt i dn'tzenow was pl b unl we g heme know s.i 'tw as >>ook the byan agwe ghe k iwee liks.eve n t k>>idk khenowy ag th tre is iikeve a tma kl khatw woth t i wansto boued a lmaeslhat an t hewo snkan b >> ty arnot ap.ed l t t ar lt et's cck ohe next one. thi is o l o c my he nfavottes. e. hi o my vo s. >> these peo decid t >>heeoecid grvehe p byav the gr
3:47 am
skheet pon mnt b avmethin a tbouthe sk exprsionnton tir fe an mejustinhe sleutrahe mp. pron t h fean n ever stee sn arathg m li thie didn kno nereeg pple d lihi ts. dnno >>he de lksik d h jus ts. fish ry dg.e ik it lika li jle sh dinosa. t ikli next ono?sa t? >> ts i a classic example ofhe lgth e t will i claic e mprowith of o lurhesill roshthye t o hurr he polendhe t has ahating dyend oupolendanheas sint the e ou boom oheran hait boom ohe h it is corfuo sayhe leas it >>st so coroi d s youheeel you ave aso c al t>>heso coid >> wee have u eeen cce crnaled for a f w pplaveencern f i a fm ccernbout the ts a nothe peoe.m rn l'sbo k tee gng . aotheeo 's k >> this som pictus spk fo themshive sthiss auyics and hspafoccoheon
3:48 am
is a whats andwa about thaaco has awa aut t >> this one azes m erdo yhiindne a azes p mortrait studio w h aer yinged ptrt lien ud w a abctiobackrounge eni want t oabnow wioheck tun und is. it i s w atmaziong. w he t i di't kw i d xa.ct i th a azi.g s di k impweccae.ct iee l ikheyre beis a mp t dte i lyr bi dte she is ascending. >> ahyen angre. you so s that is a b >>ro?hy a o s>> wl,hat you guy * b ring binro upood poi wl,s. y g bng upoi >>e j wted to renfm. >> >> don w thite it d a to bareop, r theecd. >> a gonhit in h ba f., t g h. ryery. if y hav a birdou know ther's ay. youeed to g he yav ir laesou inos twhat aou >>dt isoike ahe la i tt pppy p at>>ise a a pppat p ppy ire om the
3:49 am
80 >> tse awo birthe erom theha are you80 kno t a a kwono bwth abou t he e c yzy k a kw ou t cat lad fl thes aoathead crca l d ties a hee c is prcrd elehe dre bu it i s t c b iths and i ele he a sce bu bitkd and b ithnd ally sizarre >> at isndot apace backdrop. ly ar coue it i s>>is a aceacro spa ouit is a badrop w el two sake that cture. >>ba aop amaze delhawoeohaetre urtw b rother>>s. azedore tw ber this i o o our m enthiaic t mke iy famil oieur there is abo ixth miaonkeys i mnkeam il therandhey re aerereedsboix m ke difrent out utfits.erdy re ed>> lk t ifne irennt theututts . ess. t iitnshe ping. s. is iken for aro s pin ron. s e >>efororwe g out he,o e tre n. more a wkrd p>>hoorto gut h frches i the tutree? m a>>khe pery w l cod bech iheute? th n t frohentrorer i wscobe kward filthy n videos. fr is ard f il id bs.nching o. >>hat'wherwe a heading bnextnc >> y are ooki for>>t'over a eang deal xt yrekior deal >>f y kno adyet us
3:50 am
ow. y k >>f yoarenterested,et ured . eye" h>>yoenint oesf td,hem. hn t appreciate i aci i kwar filytosow avlabl it i tim t tak a ar bre.s moretuffheneav rblur iimak a re reffnur
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>elco back, aric.
3:54 am
it i time f redco bk,c eye"' i ere fe ty n? surely yye rember this. e t? re y remrhi >> tha was in 2008. sasha tha wn 2arvinsky w sha worlid sensaonarvekyht r her incre di blrleidsa grefulss a by iarlyre009he was grul a a brand-nbyewly s9he atas ewor l coadlnni c aentera-n t buthe cut lhrcotln c comtion thebualletor c qcklytom heleor q ck lypredoo mhorhesma toir ie dog m andorhe turned tmao drugir aur t dain sky ug started dng day s rt e popar gtlenng club. pop but sheas ftlenedb. y r t e lerheas f yrutsidehe aas posheworigutclubde. ter h shelseheigub. pmpy r h tose uhep rence wit hyn to ai un-f aenin w bfrnnd w sayshey reain-uoin hpynd w
3:55 am
ey ys cylduo be. hpy th i "re e" w creld b e. artheyow. th i t"he wre f dis sarheey. cod do w as ov te i disith t sha codo was t i amottr gngo telou wh pns he hai s forng hel butou ey are not p gnse dlas. for hwe wilutlo t hieys reoutotith la the st ge wra uwep with this th e tv's gy wevy. wasngo hat u 's thplanevwere. d to s seeeco thowst thanre to sthoox wscom/redee.ox core
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don't forge toatch u sard at 2 :0>>a.m>. eontege t tich and1:00 p.m .rdt 2 pif.m ete ti.ti a1: .mnew. "ye" i sti mony. ew "ye i m >> to baco le forhe p os tt ge wpac up. thas. leor whos g wp ourdas t f ha whtheirst te i nedason y ea
3:59 am
?e t i forheeirst te inine yes dc yomics orst t in clobberyesdcics marvn mar killloer sshare. at b auserv dcn c micsilavle s do a igat b relsenchnd dc stuffav like rnd sff ke tt. anody want rd superman, any tn stf, g r odnheup ma oundlo n tst g on i kndnolo not nng o a of at. knoot o a o . don ask him toxpin more jusmoven. on broske, i h hea troouee re jve moy? n. >>es, i sro i hrelyee im rtanin these tmoryin >>, meso sreuplyrt n pritimsan tse in thor k irelesssl sprit th tbeerorires ror. so iyouare bout tbeheer recr.tmenof mli m i chioulde renut t and sci recr bomenbers d monliate thion s ci th chiomn'srs r d ionnsuran tce departnt. th c weeed urs r insan hrtelp.. wed >> indstan croreook is hp. out be tlad. ind an c re>> undkstansit wl b trt slate ino kd.ean. >>ndan wb tratn k ea youhi ofll the pple u inhellor tld thate d'teed a bookhe onorhatoceeli, it ishe ok koans.


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